Hackney Children's Theatre and Attention to Detail :

1X1 Breakin battle with youth showcases by: 
Step in to Dance 
Rain Drops  
Neon Genesis 

Hackney Children’s Theatre summer stage 

Yearly summer performances for Hackney Children’s Theatre out door Secret Garden stage. 

Choreography Alex Aina, Aj -47, Abiola Bello, Chi-Lin Nim 

Discover Young Hackney, Variety Take over 

Dance performances  for Hackney Children's Theatre annual family Variety 2016 

Choreography Alex Aina, Abiola Bello 

Discover Young Hackney, Musical Theatre week

A week long musical theatre week for young performers ,with performance in Dalston Curve Garden for Hackney Children's Theatre 

Choreoghraphy Chi-Lin Nim 

Musical Director Omar Okai

Church Mice 

Two families of mice living on either side of a church nave. Can they escape the duty of a family name and find true happiness with the circus.
Will the mice escape the vicar and his cat? 
A site specific dance theatre performance made for the opening of Hackney Childrens Theatre  in St John of Hackney Church. 

Director Andrew Coombs

The places we will go 

Dance performance in a week with young children

Choreography  Lizzie Prince, Andrew Coombs

Music Domenico Angorano 


An intensive week of circus skills and performance making for young children. 


Outdoor promenade performance for Princess Diana memorial playground.

By Aedin Walsh, Andrew Coombs, Sally Anne Kemp 

Corpse des ballets 

A promenade dance performance for Strange Works theatre Dance of The Dead parade. 

Choreography Andrew Coombs