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Hackney Children's Theatre and Attention to Detail :

1X1 Breakin battle with youth showcases by: 
Step in to Dance 
Rain Drops  
Neon Genesis 

Hackney Children’s Theatre summer stage 

Yearly summer performances for Hackney Children’s Theatre out door Secret Garden stage. 

Choreography Alex Aina, Aj -47, Abiola Bello, Chi-Lin Nim 

Discover Young Hackney, Variety Take over 

Dance performances  for Hackney Children's Theatre annual family Variety 2016 

Choreography Alex Aina, Abiola Bello 

Discover Young Hackney, Musical Theatre week

A week long musical theatre week for young performers ,with performance in Dalston Curve Garden for Hackney Children's Theatre 

Choreoghraphy Chi-Lin Nim 

Musical Director Omar Okai